We offer a wide range of Detergents. We are a noted Manufacturer and Supplier of Detergents, which include Floor Cleaning Liquid Detergent and Cloth Washing Powder. Our Detergents are highly efficient in cleaning. The Detergents we offer easily as well as quickly remove hard stains. They are highly soluble in both hard and soft water. An added feature of our Detergents is that they are soft on hands, that is, they have no side effects on the hands of the user.

Cloth Washing Powder

Our Cloth Washing Powder is such prepared that it easily removes hard stains. One's hand remains as soft as they are if one uses Cloth Washing Powder manufactured by us. Fragrant Cloth Washing Powder is a demand of the hour and our products cater to that well enough. Our Cloth Washing Powder is sure to last long as a small quantity of it can wash many clothes.

Features :
  • Finely granulated
  • Easily soluble
  • Effective on hard stains
  • Long shelf life
Floor Cleaning Liquid Detergent

We offer fragrant Floor Cleaning Liquid Detergent. Our Floor Cleaning Liquid Detergent has the anti-bacterial property that ensures maximum cleaning and safety. It effectively prevents microbial formations on the cleaned floors. Floor Cleaning Liquid Detergent is manufactured by are highly soluble in water and hence easy to use. Our Floor Cleaning Liquid Detergent is also safe to use, causing no harm to the hands.

Features :
  • Soft on hands
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Fragrant
  • Long lasting effect
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